Young Professional Rep Needed!

The Hoosier Chapter is currently seeking a Young Professional Representative (YP Rep). This position is open to any Chapter member that currently meets the YP Rep criteria of being an individual in the solid waste field that is currently 35 years old or younger and a member in good standing.

What does filling the position of YP Rep entail?

  • Working with the Chapter to engage and involve other YP members in activities and events
  • Represent the Chapter at YP meeting held at SWANA events and conferences
  • Access to networking events and other activities during SWANA events and conferences
  • Represent the future of SWANA and the solid waste industry

Please take a moment to consider filling this position or passing this information on to someone in your organization that would be a good fit.┬áTo learn more about the YP Program, click the SWANA logo below to access the YP section of SWANA’s website or contact us with questions.