Coronavirus/Covid-19 – Many workplaces and communities are concerned about the potential risks of exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19).  All of us are looking for ways to plan and prepare for potential impacts related to COVID-19.  Although information about the virus is still evolving, SWANA has issued a Guidance on Coronavirus document.

National Alliance – In the fall of 2019, SWANA announced that it had entered into a National Alliance with OSHA and NWRA.  This Alliance will collaborate on safety training and education. The two-year agreement was signed at OSHA headquarters on Sept. 27, 2019.  As many of you know, this effort was a long time coming. The goals of the Alliance and work plan can be viewed on the OSHA website here.  Look for OSHA resources on the Products and Resources tab.

During the two-year agreement, the Alliance will address a number of hazards common to the transportation industry.  Some of the key areas of focus will be: backovers and distracted driving; slips, trips, and falls; musculoskeletal injuries; heat and cold stress; and needle stick and other hazards.  This Alliance adds an important new component to SWANA’s award winning safety program, which includes SWANA’s Chapter Safety Ambassadors, Hauler Safety Outreach, Slow Down to Get Around (SDTGA), and Safety Summits.  Visit the SWANA website to learn more about the progress of the Alliance and find resources you can use.

Safe + Sound – SWANA is a proud supporter of Safe + Sound, OSHA’s year-round campaign to encourage every workplace to have a safety and health program that includes management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards.  You can join the OSHA Safe + Sound Campaign, click here to find out more.

Backing Safety – According to industry and OSHA data, backing represents approximately 25% of all injuries and accidents in the solid waste collection industry. Use SWANA’s guide and poster covering the industry’s best backing practices to educate employees to keep them safe on the job.