Hoosier Chapter of SWANA Supports Slow Down To Get Around

October 13 – 19, 2019 may have been the ‘official’ Indiana Move Over Week, but it’s the law every day.  Surveys of the public continue to show that drivers in Indiana are not aware of this law.  We all need to spread the word about slowing down and moving over.  I was at the state fairgrounds this weekend.  We had a speaker from the Indiana Traffic Incident Management Effort (IN-TIME), and he reminded all of us that it really doesn’t matter who it is that is stopped by the side of the road: a construction worker, a solid waste worker, or just a member of the public with car trouble; we should be slowing down and moving over for all of them.  That person by the side of the road is somebody’s father, brother, son, mother, sister, daughter, or co-worker.  The fact is that we could all pay more attention when we’re driving, and we could all learn a little something from the sign below.  Do your part, remind your kids, your co-workers, your friends that it isn’t only common-sense, it’s the law, slow down or move over.

In 2015, Indiana’s Slow Down to Get Around Law took effect.  The law requires drivers to change lanes or slow down to pass collection vehicles stopped on roadways that have flashing, oscillating or rotating lights.  Waste and recycling trucks are classified as utility service vehicles, when motorists encounter them on the road, they should change lanes away from the vehicle if they can do so safely. If not, they should reduce their speed 10 mph under the posted speed limit and proceed with caution.

Move Over Day 2019

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