FROM:                  Jesse Maxwell, Advocacy & eLearning Program Manager, SWANA
TO:                         SWANA Core Advocacy Group
DATE:                    March 2, 2018
SUBJECT:             Minnesota Proposed Emission Guidelines Rulemaking

The SWANA Landfill Gas & Biogas (LGB) Technical Division has informed SWANA HQ that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is moving forward with rulemaking to implement the new MSW Landfill Emission Guidelines (EG) within that state.

Guidance previously approved by the LGB Technical Division, SWANA HQ and other industry stakeholders requests that all states defer EG implementation work until the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) completes reconsideration of the rule. SWANA HQ has been asked by the LGB Technical Division to submit comments to that effect to the Agency. The comment period is open until April 6.

This Alert serves as a notification to the Core Advocacy Group of the intention to submit these comments, as well as a request for any feedback or questions by Thursday, March 8.
The SWANA Minnesota Chapter Legislative Liaison has been notified of this request, but the Chapter does not traditionally submit comments to rulemaking bodies or agencies. These comments will be sent by SWANA HQ and the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) Minnesota Chapter. The proposed rulemaking by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is available for review here.