The SWANA Landfill Gas & Biogas (LBG) Technical Divisions is currently working with the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) to develop comments in response to West Virginia’s proposed revisions to the state MSW landfill emissions guidelines (EG).

Guidance previously approved by the LGB Technical Divisions, SWANA HQ and other industry stakeholders request that all states delay EG implementation work until the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) completes reconsideration of the rules as is planned by the Agency. These comments will reflect that position, and also provide comments on the proposed revisions should the state decide to move forward.

This Alert serves as notification to submit these comments, as well as a request for any feedback or questions by Monday, August 13.

Because SWANA does not have a chapter in West Virginia, these comments will be sent from SWANA HQ, along with NWRA.

The proposed revisions to West Virginia Section 111(d) State Plan on the Control of Air Pollution from Municipal Solid Waste Landfills can be viewed here.

If these changes will affect you or your business, SWANA requests feedback or questions COB Monday, August 13.  Please contact the Hoosier Chapter to get in touch with SWANA.