The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) develops an annual report, called the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks, that tracks U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and sinks by source, economic sector, and greenhouse gas going back to 1990.  Each year since the early 1990s, EPA has published the draft report in February, to allow for public comment prior to publishing the final report in April.

The current draft document through 2017 is available to the public, and SWANA has worked with other industry stakeholders to develop comments on “Chapter 7, Waste.”

Please review the draft comments and provide any questions or feedback to the Hoosier Chapter no later than COB today Wednesday, March 13.

SWANA has been working closely with EPA to improve the waste sector data of the GHG Inventory for several years. These comments reiterate many of the same recommendations that have been submitted previously to the Agency both in-person and in writing. These recommendations are intended to improve the data used and more accurately reflect the actual role of the waste sector within the inventory of emissions and sinks.

If you have comments or changes that you would like for SWANA to consider, feedback is requested no later than COB Wednesday, March 13. 

Please contact the Hoosier Chapter to provide comments or questions.